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15 Oct

Entity Framework 4 Firestarter: That’s a Wrap!

This post is a bit overdue, slightly out of chronological order, and will probably have me rambling a bit too much but I’ve been busy lately – so sue me Earlier this year I was was asked if I wanted to participate in delivering the Entity Framework Firestarter event here in NYC.  I eagerly said […]

21 Jul

Analyzing Spring .NET with NDepend3

I last took a close look at NDepend over 18 months ago back in December of 2008 in this blog post.  At that time, I spent some time looking at some of its higher-level features and shared some of my impressions of the tool.  Now, some time later I’ve returned to the tool and I […]

16 Jul

Next Stop: SpringSource

I’m very excited to be able to announce that as of this past Monday July 12th, 2010 I have officially begun work in my new position as a Senior Software Engineer with SpringSource.  This opportunity represents the next (interesting) step in my software development career and I’m looking very forward to the kinds of things […]

30 Jun


Who is Wendy Friedlander? This is a post that’s a bit off-topic but I hope that you will find value in it all the same.  Let me take a moment to introduce you to Wendy Friedlander. Wendy Friedlander is a software developer, loving mom and wife who turned into a cancer-survivor-in-training on 8/14/2009. It was […]

23 Mar

How Do *YOU* Think About the Problem?

Every day I have a bus commute in and out of Manhattan from Staten Island that takes anywhere from between 45 minutes on the low side to about an hour and a half on the high side (well, that’s not entirely accurate—I’ve had some commutes that have taken over three hours, but fortunately only when […]

31 Jan

Community CV

Summary I am often asked when submitting talks to various events for a list of my past speaking engagements, event participation, etc. Rather than scramble each time to put this together, I have decided instead to just keep a running list of them here on this page. As I participate in additional events, I will […]

18 Jan

Wanted: Virtual Alt.Net Community Contributors, Organizers, and Presenters

This is a public call for greater community participation in the Virtual Alt.Net online community for 2010 and beyond. What is Virtual Alt.Net? Virtual Alt.Net is an online community that met weekly over the past year or so utilizing Live Meeting as a platform for exposing as many people as possible to software development concepts […]

25 Nov

Central NJ Agile Firestarter is Coming!

For those of you who missed out on the first NYC Agile Firestarter that the NY ALT.NET User Group and the NY .NET User Group jointly organized in June of 2009, I just wanted to announce that there is a ‘sister’ event coming soon to the Central NJ Area: The Central NJ .NET Agile Firestarter!  […]

10 Nov

Travelogue: Oredev 2009 Wrap-Up

I’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to the Oredev 2009 Oresund Regional Developers Conference where I was invited to present both a half-day workshop and an hour-long regular talk in the .NET conference track.  If you’re interested, links to my slides and my code samples can be found for download as mentioned in this […]

06 Nov

Oredev 2009 Slides and Code

Oredev 2009: Mission Accomplished I’m glad to report that I have managed to complete my delivery of both of my sessions at the Oredev 2009 conference! This was my first invitation to present at Oredev and I have to say I am impressed with both the organizers and the attendees here.  Although Malmo is apparently […]

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