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30 Jan

NDbUnit v1.6 (and Proteus Unit Test libraries) with Oracle Support Released!

Thanks to a code contribution from an adopter of NDbUnit, I’m happy to announce that NDbUnit v1.6 is now released and available for download from the Google Code downloads page with support for Oracle 8i and later. Oracle support has been on the project’s roadmap for some time now and its great to be able […]

07 Jun

NDbUnit Refactored for Explicit Assembly Dependencies

An Assembly History of NDbUnit As some of you are aware, I have some time ago assumed the role of primary committer on the opensource NDbUnit project.  The history of this project is that it began with just two database ‘target’ types supported: Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft OLEDB-supported databases. All of this capability was […]

05 Apr

Proteus.Utility.UnitTest updated to support new NDbUnit v1.3 build

Now that I have updated the NDbUnit library to support SQLite and SQLCE database targets, I have also just updated the Proteus UnitTest Utility library to offer support for these DB types in its wrapper around NDbUnit. The new (latest) release is available from the Google Code Site or as a binary download or as […]

04 Apr

NDbUnit updated to Support SQLServerCe and SQLite

Thanks to the recent code contribution of Alan Baldwin, I have just been able to complete the integration of support for SQLServerCe, Microsoft’s oft-renamed mobile SQLServer variant, as a database target into the NDbUnit project.  You can get the latest source or the binary as a download. This is the same release that includes the […]

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